Flavors, Colors and Fragrances for the industry


31 years of experience

Since 1990, we have been producing flavors, colors and fragrances for the food and chemical industries.

A partner of trust

We are proud of the large number of satisfied clients at country and abroad.

Tailored for you

Decades of experience allow us to adapt aromas, colors and scents to your personal needs.

Flavors for the food industry

Modern technology as well as experts of various profiles guarantee top quality and absolute accuracy accompanied by the constant creation of new flavors in order to meet all customer requirements. The product range contains liquid flavors, powdered flavors and flavors for toothpastes.


Aroma Kruševac offers a wide range of colors, various types and shades, for the needs of the food and chemical industry. Our colors will make your product look exactly as you imagined.

Fragrances for the chemical industry

In addition to standard fragrances (such as fragrances for shampoos and baths, dish detergents, sanitary ware, paraffin, room fresheners, etc.), we also make fragrances for all other purposes at the customer's request. In addition, we have provided the appropriate colors of various shades.