Aroma Kruševac offers a wide range of colors, various types and shades, for the needs of the food and chemical industry. Whether you are engaged in the production of candies, strong alcoholic beverages, animal feed, or on the other hand the production of detergents, soaps, shampoos or any other product, our colors will make your product look exactly as you imagined.

Color typeColors
  BlackBlack type Brilliant ( purple )
Black Negro E102/122/131/151
 RedLiquid red 5%
Strawberry red
Raspberry red
Carmoisine/Azorubine red E.122
Aramath red E.124
Blueberry red
Cherry red E122/124/151

Orange type Peel

Orange E.110

 GreenMenthol green
Standard green E102/131
May green
 BrownHazelnut brown E102/110/124/151
Caramel brown E102/151
Chocolate brown E102/122/131
Brown chocolate type
 BluePatent blue E.131
Indigo blue E.132
Blue E.133
Deep blue E131/151
 YellowEgg yellow
Lemon/banana yellow E.102

Color typeColor
YellowYellow E102 85 %
RedRed E122 85 %
Red E122 85 %
BlueBlue E133 85 %
Blue E131 85 %
Blue E132 85 %
OrangeOrange E110 85 %
BlackBlack E.151 85 %
Black Negro 85 %
BrownChocolate brown 85 %

Color typeColor
RedBeetroot red - Betanin E.162
Liquid Betanin red E.162
Carmine – cochineal red E.120
Black carrot E.163
GreenChlorophyll green E.141
Liquid Chlorophyll green E.141
YellowBeta Carotene E.160
Curcumin E.100
BrownCaramel brown E.150
Iron oxide brown E.172
BlackCarbon black E.153
Liquid black E.153
WhiteTitanium dioxide E.171
GoldGold color 90
SilverSilver color 91

Color type LAKE BOJE
 Red Ponceau E124
 Blue Brilliant blue E133
 Yellow Tartazine E102
 Orange Sunset  yellow E110

Color type  Color
 Yellow  Yellow
 Red  Red
 Blue  Blue
 Green  Green