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International students often receive government-funded loans and grants from their countries of origin, and may also utilize educational lines of credit and other alternative sources of loans to cover their educational expenses at UWS

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The office of financial aid disburses funds for students attending on-campus programs prior to the start of each term and refunds are typically available on the first day of the term for students who have completed all requirements at least a week prior to the start of the term. For students attending on-line programs, the office of financial aid disburses funds as soon as enrollment and participation can be confirmed, and refunds are typically available as a direct deposit or check to be mailed within three business days. Outside of the start of the term, UWS processes disbursements and refunds at least weekly over the remainder of the term for students who become eligible or are approved for additional funding. Any student, including on-line students, requiring access to books prior to the 7th day of the term may contact the UWS library, which maintains copies of course books for lending, or the financial aid office to discuss additional questions.

International Students

For assistance in determining what types of federal aid are available from your home country, please contact your country’s education department. For information on lines of credit or alternative loans, we suggest that you research the available options at banks and other financial institutions in your country. If you are required to provide proof of your educational costs to receive financial aid from your home country, please send the necessary documents to the financial aid office for certification. Contact the registrar for proof of enrollment.

University of Western States offers a $1,000 USD per term grant to all international students enrolling full time in the D. To remain eligible, students must maintain a 2.5 GPA while enrolled in the D. The grant is valid for the duration of the program.

International students from Canada enrolled in the d are also eligible for the DC Canadian Exchange Rate Scholarship. The international grant and DC Canadian Exchange Rate Scholarship combined will provide a maximum of a 20 percent tuition reduction to eligible students maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA. The DC Canadian Exchange Rate Scholarship is subject to modification based on quarterly reviews by the university.

What is a FAFSA? Students need to apply for need-based federal student aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. The FAFSA will determine a student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) toward his or her education for that year. This will be used to decide what types of financial aid a student is eligible to receive.

What is my Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and why does it seem so high? The EFC is a federal calculation that is an estimate of your family’s ability to contribute to your education during an academic year. The calculation takes into account your family size, number of family members in enrolled in college (excluding your parents if you are a dependent student), family income, family assets, taxes paid and a number of other factors. The EFC often seems high but remember that it does not necessarily represent the amount you and/or your family must pay to the school for direct educational expenses. It is simply meant to be an approximate measure of your family’s ability to contribute. The EFC can be covered, if necessary, with student and/or parent loans.

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