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Through allocating a part of DOO "Aroma1990" on 13.06.2013. the company "Aroma Krusevac" was founded. It continues to expand program of fragrances for the detergent - cosmetic industry as well as a food flavoring and colors.

Company "Aroma 1990" continues to spread in the direction of production of dessert toppings, hot chocolate, instant coffee products, fillings, confectionery, ketchup and more.

Company "Aroma 1990", after many years of experience of its founders Dinić Vasilije (1936-2007) and Dinić Ratomirka in many managerial positions, was founded in 1990 and it is one of the few private companies established at that time.

That the quality of products is a condition of survival in the market, is well known to employees in "Aroma Krusevac" during all these years since 1990, as evidenced by possession of internationally recognized quality certificates, and the result is the trust of a large number of our product users in domestic and foreign markets.

All these years of existence we have invested in research and development, and hard work constantly increased the number of those who work with us to our mutual satisfaction.

Still, continuous development and fulfilling of all the specific requirements of clients is our task. Accepting new needs of the market, through daily research in our laboratories, we are developing a wide range of products.