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Aromas for the Home Use
Arome za kućnu upotrebu We are offering fifteen aromas for home use:

- Pineapple

- banana

- vanilla

- Strawberry

- apricot

- kiwi

- coconut

- pear

- hazelnut

- Lemon

- raspberry

- orange

- rum

- Chocolate

- menthol




Mirisi za kućnu upotrebu

Unit packaging:
glass vial 15 ml

Commercial packaging:
9 pcs

Transport package:
72 pcs (in a box)

Our flavors are subject to regular sampling and laboratory controls.

The results of all previous analyzes shows that it is a top-quality products that fully comply with all applicable regulations and standards.

The palette of colors for home use in our production are: yellow, orange, red, blue, green.