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Fragrance for Industry

Mirisi za industrijuPerfumers of AROMA are the basis for driving the vision and the base of the company. Experts in AROMA use their senses and knowledge as true artists. Perfumers guided by their intuitive senses, and using global experience make fragrance creations to satisfy a large number of requests from clients.

The experts are carefully controling the quality of the basic aromatic, natural and synthetic materials, originating from all continents, as well as the final product.

In particular, functionally equipped laboratory, highly professional staff and permanent certification of the products guarantee the quality of end-odor products.

Computer processing and monitoring of the production process ensures absolute accuracy and consistent quality.

This technological system provides such production organization that guarantees market flexibility and efficient production response for the following purposes:

- Fragrances for dishwashing detergents
- Fragrances for shampoo and bath
- Fragrances for soaps
- Fragrance for liquid soap
- Fragrance for hand washing pastes
- Fragrance for powder detergent for washing machine
- Fragrance for liquid detergent for washing machine
- Fragrance for fabric softener
- Fragrance for creams, hair conditioner, emulsions
- Fragrances for detergents and cleaning restroom
- Fragrances for detergents and other floor cleaners
- Fragrance for air fresheners
- Fragrance for shoe polish (solid and emulsions)
- Fragrance for paraffin
- Other per customer requirements

With all these products, AROMA has provided the appropriate chemical colors, various types and shades.

mirisi za industriju